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North American Frontiersmen

                 1st National Encampment


WOW! I can hardly contain my happiness in how our first Nationals went. The finest members were there the feeling of Brotherhood that we haven't seen in years prevailed. We hoisted our flag over the camp we held some classes on using tendons and sinew, classes on clothing and white women in the west, and held a walk about on plants. Archery was on going through out the days, and Mike Moore and Scott Hall set out some targets that many of us took advantage of shooting at. Craig Fannos and Buffler Chip showed up and livened up the party. To quote Craig "This is what it use to be like" Good company good times. Kevin MCCarthy, Dan Miller and Larry Hall came in on Saturday and joined in the fun. There will be many pictures coming from this Nationals and stories. For those of you that couldn't be there you were missed. Next year it will be longer and we hope to have more members and guests there.    Ole




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Ashley, who, after receiving word from Thomas Fitzpatrick, had left St. Louis in November 1824, finally arrived in the mountains with supplies in the spring and  designated a rendezvous site at the mouth of Randavouse Creek (Henry's Fork of the Green River).




Fur Trade Rendezvous Sites

All the rendezvous were held west of the Continental Divide with the exception of the 1829, 1830, and 1838 rendezvous. Six of the sixteen rendezvous were held outside the United States in territory belonging to Mexico. Except for two sites in Utah and one in Idaho, all of the rendezvous were held in Wyoming; six of the sixteen rendezvous were held on Horse Creek in the Green River Valley near present-day Daniel, Wyoming. Another point of interest is that all of the rendezvous were held in the territory of the Shoshone, or Snake, Indians.

A member gets confused ("misplaced" was term he used)    LOST.

A good time was had by all, the weather worked with us and everyone was pleased  with the turn out.

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