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Newsletter of The North American Frontiersmen's



Sept. '06


NAF  2nd National Encampment


June 13 through June 17, 2007

SEE * The 2nd NAF National Encampment


1st National Encampment members














It has been a good summer our flag has hung over "the Easter Rendezvous at Fort Buena Ventura",  The NAF Encampment near Henry's fork The RMNR in south west Colorado and at the Fort Bridger Rendezvous", during Labor Day. We will have a 3 day camp in October here in Utah, a Thanksgiving party in November and a Christmas Party in December.

I hope with more exposure that our group will swell to over 100 by the end of the year! the new members that we are attracting are the best and the brightest in our sport our membership is like a who's who of knowledge and experience.

At Fort Bridger there were 19 members and 4 associates not counting the 4 new members that will be joining us when there paper work goes through.  That gives us the largest representation at Fort Bridge out of all the primitive organizations that were in attendance.

Walt is working on our medallion and it looks as if we will have that  
put together soon.

The most important thing we can do is get together in our own area as  
often as possible get on the ground have as many activities as we can  
and keep spreading information about the NAF and what we stand for.









We've had a good Summer.  We've flown the Flag at Ft. Buena Ventura, our own National Encampment, the Rocky Mountain National, and Ft. Bridger.  I have a feeling that there probably has been more.  We've talked to a number of people who have expressed interest and had some jump on board.  The most common question has been, "Why the pineapple?"  They liked the idea of hospitality as a symbol.

I've enjoyed the chance to see old friends and to make new old friends.  What a great pool of knowledge we have.  All we have to do is get together, swap lies, trade information and methods and, of course, to see who really can cook.

Have a good Fall season and enjoy!












May I at this time summit our NAF Treasurerís Report as of this date Sept 18, 2006.

Account Balance: $1621.90

Deposits to date:

65 membership fees at $25, 2 demo fees at $200 each, $60 in receipt for threadwinders, $0.98 interest.

Disbursements to date:

$60 for threadwinders (passed thru to Walt Hayward), $350 to Tracy Maccarthy for 10 NAF pennants.

NOTE: I have been unable to ascertain who should be reimbursed for the NAF porta-potty service.

Pending Deposits, one membership fee at $25.

                                 Respectfully submitted

Pat Quilter

Folks if you missed the 1st NAF Encampment you missed a good one WOW. We did have fun with old and new friends, be sure to make the next event whether local or national.



MIKE MOORE Chief-Factor  








The summer went by fast and fall is just arriving here in the Rockies. I hope you had made the best of the warm weather to practice your skills, be on the ground and made new memories. Hunting season has just finished for us black powder shooters in Colorado; this year the freezer is full deer, Hatch green chillis and grouse. I missed a cow, but my friend Jim Sebastian was nice enough to share his fine doe he shot. We had  quite a few adventures in hunting camp and I want to thank NAF CO Factor Howdy Davis for all he did to put together a nice camp.


This is the time to prepare for your local NAF fall and winter camps. Take time to set aside a few days to get out, use that equipment that has been on the shelves for a while and get some good exercise at the same time. Looks like the rabbits are in the high end of their cycle in South Park, so we will have a small game hunting camp after the first freeze. I love fall. It is not hot, the bugs are down and the whole world seems to be on a different schedule.














Like mentioned before we tried to use a member only message board for our newsletter but found we were receiving so many requests from interested parties wanting to read about the "North American Frontiersmen", we decided to go back to the original format.

As the information is provided we will try and keep you current on what's happening with the NAF, it's scheduled events and provide contacts for your questions.

At this time we are looking into a magazine published on-line available to members and friends. I am now working on just what we need to make this happen. As information becomes available we will keep you informed, communications is the key to making the NAF successful, keep in touch.

Per the drawing at the end of this newsletter we have a new one with each issue and will give credit to the artist as done here, not a truer statement could be said for this issue.






from the

Council of Elders


I'll let the "cat out of the bag", our man "Griz" has sent out a sample of the NAF medallion.

Walt used a time proven shape found with old awards and metals from different wars in early Europe and North America. This is the sample "wax casting" he provided for approval by your officers. Looks good to me Griz.





This is Thomas E. Mails work from the great book "Mystic Warriors of the Plains" also by him. This statement has always been a favorite of various groups that take part in "living history" for years and if known was probably one used by our forefathers when venturing into unknown territory in this country and else where.


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