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Stop dreaming about what others are doing. Letís share information that we have discovered by doing our research and attending camps like the one shown below. As time passes, we will be adding reports on this camp and a few articles of skills learned. Don't waste anymore time or putting off getting involved, do it today and join the adventure.

"Join or Die" snake from the masthead of Thomas's Boston Journal, July 7, 1774.

The segmented snake on the Boston newspaper is actually America's first political cartoon, it was drawn by my Ben Franklin in the 1750's.  - Peter Goebel.


North American Frontiersmen


Virgin River Camp 2007

_____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

Ellet's Cave on the far side of the river

Looking upstream.  Yep, there are some geese out there.

Hey, quit blockin' the view.

Anything movin' out there yet?

Dear, I told you to always make yer bed. :-)

The three stooges ......

How did they say to do this ....

Otter & Don & the NAF Banner

Four of a kind--a winning Hand!

Quiz:  Which one is the Camp Dog? Answer: All of 'em!

What do ya mean, yer prettier that me?

Anything I can do, you can do better.. Uh, I mean....

What's that ya cookin' .....

What do you mean it's my turn in the barrel ....

Is it clear down range?

Time to reload.

Ain't they hit it yet?

Good Discussions in the shade.

Where am I, which way is home - Mommy .....



Hey great looking bunch at the campsite..  some are recogniseable from their photos in the post office...  just kidding us easterners are really jealous.

Pete Goebel  


These remarks under pictures where made my Otter Peterson, our NAF scribe. I know, "some peoples kids", what can I say other than I just put down what these guys tell me.

Buck Conner  


Come join the fun, no baloney just good fellowship and great camping spots.